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Changsha Zheng Li Biological Technology Co., Ltd. relies on Hunan Agricultural University, Ningxia University and Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutes, specializing in research & development, manufacturing and trading of humic(humus) acid/huminsauren products for poultry/swine/aquaculture and other animal therapeutic nutritional ingredients/additives/supplements/material as well as fertilizers for nearly 15 years. Our factories are certified with ISO9001:2015 and inspected by ITS, SGS, TUV, AQM, BSCI etc. Our products are widely used in livestock and poultry feed, animal feed additives, aquatic animal protection, organic fertilizers, soil improvement, industrial ceramics and biomedicine industries.

Changsha Zheng Li Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has two major production bases around Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia, a well-known high-quality humic(humus) acid/huminsauren base in the country. The rich coal resources here breed high-grade humic(humus) acid/huminsauren raw materials. Our factories have a total area of more than 90,000 square meters, with first-class humate production equipments and technicians and adopt advanced production techniques such as precise feeding, efficient activation, and drum drying to strictly control product quality.
The company’s leading products are: sodium humate, feed grade sodium humate, feed grade coated sodium humate, neutral sodium humate, potassium humate, magnesium humate, silicon humate, phosphorus humate, humic(humus) acid/huminsauren Ammonium, boron humic(humus) acid/huminsauren, nitrohumic(humus) acid/huminsauren, humic(humus) acid/huminsauren urea, potassium fulvic acid, anti hard water potassium fulvic humate, mineral fulvic acid, mineral fulvic acid potassium, activating biological organic fertilizer, microbial agent, water-soluble Fulvic acid fertilizer, element water-soluble fertilizer, etc., many of which have obtained exclusive patents.

Based on local high-quality humic(humus) acid/huminsauren raw materials, our Wuhai factories in Inner Mongolia are market-oriented based on science and technology and focusing on product quality in expanding the market. The products are sold to most parts of the China and exported overseas. In 2018, our group invested more than 20 million RMB in using waste steam as power & heat and applies complete automated control for material reaction. The screw quantitative conveying of central control management is adopted while the control error of the weathered coal material management control is not more than 5‰ as well as water and alkali are also quantitatively controlled, which avoids the forklift to invert the mixing tank and reduces the error. The centrifuge equipment used in the production ensures that the water-insoluble content of the product is below 2%. Products can be traced, and product quality, production capacity, and product prices have greater advantages. Our factories actively respond to the national environmental protection policy and effectively recycle energy, which is a project with great market competitiveness.          


The company was named Zheng Li, which means legitimate interests. In the first history book of the Warring States strategy, Yan Ce said, "It is an important diplomatic strategy to unite with Qin. It is a right and long-term national interest to attack Qi ". Take good opportunity, bringing benefits to customers and creating value for customers is the goal of Zhengli people. Any products and services that cannot create value for customers are transient and unstable. Zhengli people pursue to do the longest business and become permanent friends with partners. "Blend justice and benefit with worldwide partners" is the highest pursue of Zhengli people.  Enterprise goal: create value for customers

Creating value for customers is our goal and pursuit. Honesty is the code of conduct of Zheng Li people. Zheng Li people are keen to work with you to create a better future!

Enterprise goal: create value for customers            

Enterprise tenet: innovation is the life of an enterprise            

Business principles: to be upright and do things properly,  integrate righteousness and benefit with worldwide partners

Corporate vision: to make Zheng Li the largest and strongest brand in the field of sodium humate industry, and to be an excellent and respected company            

Changsha Zheng Li group            

The first manufacturer of feed grade sodium humate in China, Asia           

The first manufacturer of white coated sodium humate in China, Asia            

The first manufacturer with production qualification of sodium humate in China, Asia            


Our History

2006 Baochang humic acid plant was established which mainly produces sodium humic acid in China, Asia            

2007 Beijing netzs Trade Center was established mainly selling additives such as sodium humate in China, Asia            

2008, We obtained the national patent certificate of "sodium humate animal feed additive"in China, Asia, and started the first step in adding sodium humate in feed in China, Asia.            

2009 Beijing Qianli Maoren Technology Co.Ltd mainly produce patent sodium humic Strong Grey and Superior Grey in China, Asia

2011 September, Zheng Li invested in Inner Mongolia Wuhai Mengyu industry and Trade Co., Ltd.           

2014 June, Changsha Zheng Li Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded, which is the 1st one produces feed grade sodium humate in Hunan Province in China, Asia            

2014 September, Changsha Zheng Li Biotechnology Co., Ltd. obtained the production permit of feed grade sodium humate which is also the 1st one in China, Asia.            

2015 July, Changsha Zheng Li people feed trade Co., Ltd. was established.            

2015 October, Changsha Zheng Li Biotechnology Co., Ltd. obtained the environmental pollution discharge license.            

2016 November, we obtained the national patent certificate of "Coated feed additive of sodium humate" in China, Asia           

2017 July, we cooperated with Hong Kong Huamu International Co., Ltd in developing new products such as zinc oxide and antibacterial peptides of stomach, and thus opened up the international market.            

2018, Changsha Zheng Li Group invested 20million yuan to set up new factories in Inner Mongolia. Our modern sodium humate production plant is powered by waste steam in China Asia, of which our product quality, capacity and prices have much greater advantages.

2020 Zheng Li Group invested Eketuos Chemical Factory Limited.